I know most of you are excited about your kiddos heading home for Thanksgiving break! I know I am. They will sleep, they will hang out with friends and will seem like they don’t really care to hang with you. But what they will cherish is the normalcy that you and your home brings to... Continue Reading →

Sunflowers and Bees are in the advice giving mood!! My father took this great picture and I wanted to find a quote to go with it! I have to say I truly love all the points this quote makes! (Wish I knew who came up with it!) Create a buzz! Shouldn't we all create a... Continue Reading →

Summer time limbo.

I feel emptiness waiting with baited breath... waiting to attack. Watching children change and grow is beautiful. Watching them pull away.. well now that is a different story. A necessary part of the story but it is the painful part. Little by little pieces of my heart are ripped out and “Empty” is waiting to... Continue Reading →

Art of the Unexpected

Art- a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice.'the art of conversation’ My husband and I have been married 29 years and it still amazes me how unexpectedly: Generous Thoughtful Funny Strong Helpful Compassionate Fun Kind Silly Adventurous he is! One would think after 29 years, marriage would get boring. But... Continue Reading →

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