I know most of you are excited about your kiddos heading home for Thanksgiving break! I know I am. They will sleep, they will hang out with friends and will seem like they don’t really care to hang with you. But what they will cherish is the normalcy that you and your home brings to... Continue Reading →

Sunflowers and Bees are in the advice giving mood!! My father took this great picture and I wanted to find a quote to go with it! I have to say I truly love all the points this quote makes! (Wish I knew who came up with it!) Create a buzz! Shouldn't we all create a... Continue Reading →


Did you ever draw these as a kid? I feel like it represents my mind right now. Too many emotions. Black =Turmoil Yellow =Happiness Blue=Sadness Brown=Hurt Orange=Excited Pink=Love Green=Worry Red=Pain Purple=Faith Trying to find peace. Having to trust God through it all otherwise I'd be a complete mess.

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