I know most of you are excited about your kiddos heading home for Thanksgiving break! I know I am. They will sleep, they will hang out with friends and will seem like they don’t really care to hang with you. But what they will cherish is the normalcy that you and your home brings to... Continue Reading →

Join In The Fun! Join In The October 2018 Tea Party! 

Fun way to meet new bloggers!!

The Little Mermaid

What better way to suggest friendliness – and to create it – than with a cup of tea?” -J. Grayson Luttrell

Aloha, charming WordPressers!

I’m delighted to announce you that The Little Mermaid is hosting her third monthly tea party on her website. What? A tea party? On WordPress? When? How? For whom? Alright..alright…take it easy. I’m coming on to your questions.
Classically, a ‘tea party’ makes one think of superiorly elegant and elaborate affairs of the Victorian times. It also conjures up images of fluffy scones, flavoursome muffins, Devonshire Cream and dainty sandwiches served on fine silver or deluxe bone china. Still, the elemental part of a tea party remains the affable exchange of dialogue among the invitees. Almost indistinguishably, the tea party that I am organizing is an online social event hosted in honour of bloggers, that is US! Blogging is most enjoyable when it is done interactively…

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Every Single One Of Us…Takes This For Granted…At Some Point…In Our Lives

Lee Cleaver


In my last post…within the epilogue of that rambling…I…offered what seems to be on reflection…extremely…sound advice…if I do say so myself.😂

“Smile…laugh…rejoice…frolic…as much as you can…even when you don’t feel like it!”

It got me thinking…further…and…I thought a short continuation on that train of thought…could compliment the message in a supplementary way.

Have you ever looked at it like this?

One smile from you or I today…could literally be…everlasting.

That one seemingly…banal…routine…minuscule act…could start a genuine chain reaction…setting in motion…a lineage…which could survive and travel the world in it’s entirety…infinitely…forever moving…superseding us…long after we have checked out.

I’d say that was pretty exhilarating…personally.

The beauty of this post is that the fundamentals of cognitive neuroscience and human interaction need not be deciphered in order to elaborate or prove my claim.

We already have the most basic of examples within our day to day activities…ones…each of us can relate to in some way or…

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